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Do you want to learn about cybersecurity, but are too afraid to jump in? Does learning the basics feel like an overwhelming challenge? Do you just want to learn a little bit more about how computers and the Internet work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some great news for you!

TryHackMe, A CyberSecurity training platform has released a brand new “Pre-Security” Learning Path. This path contains a collection of “rooms”, basically virtual classrooms, containing tasks and exercises about Netowrking, the Internet, and the fundamentals of both Linux and Windows (sorry, Apple fans). Until July 15th, 2021 there’s an added incentive. For every room that you complete you’ll receive tickets towards a great prize, which ranges from a 1337 title to swag discounts to an OSCP or Sec+ exam voucher! Over $5000 of prizes are up for grabs (but of course learning is the real prize ;))

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Let’s dive into a bit more detail into the learning paths to see what we’re up against. To access the paths, you’ll need to Sign up to TryHackMe or to login if you already have an account, then simply click on the Learn Button in the toolbar

Learn button

From there we click on the pre-security path to access the rooms.

Pre-security Path

Path Rooms

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Each room is subdivided into a number of tasks, which offer a detailed explanation of the topic, and a short quiz or exercise at the end. For example, the “What Is Networking” Room showcases a fancy new network simulator in one of it’s tasks

Network Sim!

Some rooms will ask you to fix some HTML

HTML Editor

While others contain an in-browser machine to play around with a Linux or Windows environment

Linux Environment

Some rooms are a bit more complex, requiring an ssh connection through a vpn tunnel. This can be daunting to a new user, especially one not used to linux and vpn tunnel. Fear not though, as TryHackMe holds your hand to help connect to a VPN with the use of an excellent Tutorial Room.

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Once you’ve learned how the technology of the Internet works, why not continue your training and learn how to break it? Sign up to TryHackMe and start hacking today!